Deadstar Apparel Launch Party 2009
Deadstar Apparel LaunchParty 2015

We first launched Deadstar Apparel in November of 2009 as a brand of genre crossing clothing. The launch party was held at a small bar in the company’s hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Making Deadstar Apparel among some of the first local brands to open up, in a local scene that’s more like family than competition. Our business strategy was simple. Run it like a band. Deadstar was and still is a primarily online store, but we still had a strong desire to get out and sell. So instead of slinging shirts out of the back of car trunk, we set up alongside bands in local bars. Deadstar would set up a booth at any bar, for any event. And soon, people started to know the name.

We like to think of our clothing more as extension of who you are, rather than Deadstar defining who you are. We are what you make us. We are Rock. We are Hip-Hop. We are Comedy. We are Horror. We are...